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New Design

Love the new AuraGlow design that enables USB charging!!! I no longer have to worry about buying batteries!

Brighter Smile

Easy to use and actually works!

Five Stars

great stocking stuffer for my kid. he wasn't too excited. I was

Cheap way to make your teeth glow!

Love this. I've done several treatments and the gel that it comes with does not make your teeth sensitive. At least for me.

Whitening Pen
Maria F.
Five Stars

Great product. Would purchase again.

Five Stars

Just received this and used it today, my teeth are much brighter

Well worth it!

I have been using a gel alone, but when I saw this lamp at such a great price I thought to try it. I just started with it and see a nice difference right away. Definitely worth the price to get an effect closer to what you might expect from higher cost Dental office treatments! Thank you :)

Five Stars

great stocking stuffer for my kid. he wasn't too excited. I was

One Star

Had trouble getting it to work at first. Customer Service contacted me right away and Michael G even followed up to make sure it was working properly. Great product and customer service!

Great product! No sensitivity! Does what it says!

Works great!! I'm so glad I purchased this month's before my wedding! It's such a great price too! I have felt no sensitivity at all!! Love this!!

Replacement working

First one received did not work but seller sent replacement. Will update at later on my review of using.


I think this product is great. It worked after the first use! And so far I don't have any sensitivity. I would recommend this

Whitening Pen
Nikki A.
It's ok

I've been using this for a few weeks and haven't noticed too much of a difference

Awesome Product

The product was easy to use and worked great with my whitening strips. My boyfriend noticed the change after 2 uses. The customer service representative answered my questions very quickly when I couldn't figure out how to set up the light.

Not bad

Stopped working after first use, but they sent me new one, now I've been using it about five days it works fine and you can seek the results after the 5th day.

Great great great !!!!

Awesome product !!!!

Love It

Love Love this light. I got it as a lightening deal and I am so happy to have paid the price I did. you need to use this with the mouth tray or it just doesn't work. You could also use it with teeth whitening strips.

Teeth Whitening Kit
Jennifer C.
Five Stars

MY DAUGHTER LOVES THIS and it works so quickly!

So far I used it a few times & it is very ...

**Updated review** Having the bitting attachment did make a huge difference. The light does a great job too! Over all very satisfied. I did receive the item complimentary. Again. I feel the idem was a huge help to the discomfort I felt without it! So far I used it once at it is very exhausting for my facial muscles to hold the light in. It has nothing to bite on and keep the light from flopping out. I found the additional piece that can be attached so I can bite down but it''s another $15. I rather not buy an additional piece. I am in the dental field and was hoping to avoid buying a product through our dental companies, but I'm not impressed by the light. Even if it whites, comfort is my priority. Henry Shein let's talk.

Great kit

Used the kit 8 times to get my teeth as white as I wanted them to be. Easy to use and the light makes the difference, I think. Each syringe gives you 4-5 applications. Teeth didn't become sensitive like they did using strips. Of course, I had to use practically the whole box of strips to get almost white teeth.

Works great!

I mistakingly thought it didnt work but the company was so helpful and detailed in their instructions. Would buy again from them. It was my error and product works GREAT!!

works wonders on whitening teeth, I had many stains ...

works wonders on whitening teeth, I had many stains from coffee, smoking, and they really helped gain my whiteness back. I used with the AuraGlow gel and AuraGlow trays, this fits right into the tray...easy.

Five Stars

I used the product for the first time and it works. I already see a difference.

used two different OTC stuff and find this one the best priced. I use it with my Invisalign tray

Product arrived with one syringe already open and had leaked. Regardless, the gel is very effective. After one use, I did already notice a difference and received a compliment. I've had my teeth professionally bleached a couple of times over the past years, used two different OTC stuff and find this one the best priced. I use it with my Invisalign tray. If it had arrived damaged, it would have received 5 stars!

but not like professional ones

Works, but not like professional ones.