AuraGlow vs. Our Competitors

Our mission at AuraGlow is to create the best teeth whitening products on the market. So how do we stack up against our competitors? See for yourself.

Why is AuraGlow different?

We created AuraGlow to be different from other oral care brands, and that starts with the quality of our ingredients, where we manufacture our products, and how we price them. Want to know how we stack up against our competitors?
See why we're different:

AuraGlow vs. Crest

AuraGlow vs. HiSmile

AuraGlow vs. Snow Whitening

AuraGlow vs. Opalescence 

AuraGlow vs. Smile Direct Club

AuraGlow vs. Rembrandt

Bright Results

Most customers see results after their first treatment and drastic improvements after a few.

Pain Free

Formulated to whiten your teeth without the pain, irritation or sensitivity found in most products.


Specially formulated whitening ingredients remove stains while protecting your enamel.

Made in USA

Our whitening gel is made in the USA with dental-grade ingredients and never tested on animals.

This cooling whitening gel was gentle, and I saw clear results after just one quick use.

Gratifying because your teeth might finally be as white as you always wanted them to be.

Accelerates the whitening gel process to break down stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, and smoking faster and more efficiently.

Hella, bright, hella fast.

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